Athlete Mentorship Program to Launch April 5th at Bosön

In collaboration with the Johan Cruyff Institute Sweden, The Power of Sport Foundation will be having its first Athlete Mentorship Workshop on April 5th, 2017 at Bosön in Lidingö.

The workshop will be comprised of graduates and current students of the Cruyff Institute Swedens Management Diploma for Athletes (MDA). The MDA is a one year tailor made education in business offered to athletes who have finished their careers in sport and wish to transition into business. The MDA is in collaboration with The Stockholm School of Economics.

The training will be facilitated by the British organization, Youth Sport Trust who do a similar program in the UK in collaboration with Sky Sports. program helps give athletes the tools necessary to effectively share their stories and inspire young people around Sweden. Training focuses on the interaction between athlete and young people and effective ways to articulate the unique journey that athletes take throughout their careers.

This will be the beginning of a similar program in Sweden, driven by the athletes through The Power of Sport Foundation.